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Dec. 21st, 2008 | 09:45 am
mood: happyhappy

This weekend was pretty fun <3

Friday - I had no school :D It snowed alot .. I loved it! I played in the snow with my babysisters ~ Then I babysat them :)

Yesterday - I went to Friendly's for lunch with my grandpa & little sister <3 then I sat home until like 5:30ish, then I went over Bria's house & slept over there * Me ; Bria ; Makayla & Devin ordered Domino's & played Wii for hours. Then we watched House Bunny like 1,000 times! After that, we watched some of step brothers! & Took tons of pictures :) It was alot of fun. Then Bria, Makayla & ; Devin fell asleep. & I went on Makayla's laptop & took a survey on my myspace to spend some time since I wasnt tired at all. Then I started getting tired .. & went to bed.

Today - I left Bria's at 11:45. Then I went to my grandparent's house for lunch <3 then I went home & babysat Cole, & Krista :) I did my project .. & sat around all day. That was pretty much it.

Now - I'm watching Rock of Love Charm School Finale. & Going to shower soon .. Then bed eventually later on.

:) Christmas is in 4 days! <333

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